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For Reservations

Kauai Motorcycle Map

Interactive Maps

Fun interactive maps at the click of a button. Find the most beautiful rides on Kaua'i. Kauai Adventure Guide

Open Road Experience

Find the safest and most beautiful roads on Kaua'i and follow our interactive maps from the road
Kauai Interactive Maps
Kauai Adventure Tours

Kaua'i Top 10

Looking for the best things to do on Kaua'i. Check out our Kauai adventure guide for all our favorite spots.  Read more...

Kaua'i Adventure

Kaua'i Moped and Scooters can take you just about anywhere on the island. Check out the Top 10 Kaua'i locations for more details.

Riding on Kaua'i ~ Videos

Kauai moped videos

Check out the latest video's from our rides around Kaua'i. Nothing beats the feeling of the open road on a moped or scooter. Kaua'i is one of the unique places where we only have 1 highway with bike lanes. Kaua'i is definitely one of the safest places to ride. Check out some video's and start your Kaua'i Moped Reservations today.

Our Mopeds

kauai scooter maintence
At Kaua'i Mopeds, we don't rent cheap knock off mopeds that break down every corner you turn. We always keep our peds maintenced to run the best they can and are up to date with all safety and registration needs.



kauai moped repair
At Kaua'i Mopeds we offer moped and scooter maintence for all our local riders on Kaua'i. If your moped or scooter needs the some work like tuning the carb or adding a big bore kit then contact us today.



kauai moped performance
Looking to get a little bit more out of your scooter or moped. We have a wide range of performance kits, exhaust, carbs and much more. Stop by the shop today or check out our perforamcne parts page.


Free Delivery

Hawaii Moped Delivery
At Kauai Mopeds we take away all the hassle and stress of setting up your moped or scooter rental. Just reserve one online and we will deliver it island wide. We also offer pickup options for when your rental is up.


Kauai Moped Testominals

“Absolutely better than any shuttle or tour that you can find and the best $75 spent on the island!”

(Mark Villasenor, Kirstan Villasenor, Kim Gides; Los Angeles, CA)


Scooter? Moped? What’s the difference?

Mopeds are commonly referred to as scooters.  However, these two  vehicles are classified and regulated very differently.  There are four main differences between a moped and scooter:  classification, requirements, vehicle speed, and carrying capacity.

About Us

When people first see our two-wheeled rentals, they commonly refer to both type of vehicles as “scooters.”  One being just a little larger than the other.  However, they are entirely different.  Mopeds are 49cc vehicles and one only person is allowed on the moped.  You only need a valid drivers license and be at least 18 years old to operate.  So the thing you see everyone  zipping around on is most likely a moped, not a scooter.  A scooter is entirely different, they are classified as a motorcycle and you may seat two people.  A motorcycle license is required and you must be at least 21 years old to rent a scooter.