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1.  What is the difference between a moped and a scooter?

Mopeds are 49cc vehicles and one only person is allowed on the moped. You only need a valid driver's license and be at least 18 years old to operate.

A scooter is classified as a motorcycle and you may seat two people. A motorcycle license is required and you must be at least 21 years old to rent or operate a scooter.

2.  Why do I need a motorcycle license to rent a scooter?

You need a motorcycle license to rent a scooter because it is over 50cc and in the same classifications as motorcycles. You may also carry a passenger on a scooter and flow with traffic on highways/freeways.

3.  How much does a rental cost?

Moped, Scooter, and Motorcycle rental cost will vary depending on the number of rental days and vehicle chosen. Please review the Price Comparison page for exact pricing for the different bikes that we offer . There is also a minimum rental period required for the free delivery and pick up service.

4.  Where can you deliver the mopeds to?

We can deliver anywhere from Poipu to Princeville. Please check the minimum rental requirements for our free delivery services. If you are staying in towns beyond Poipu on the south or Princeville on the north side of the island, please give our office call at (808) 652-7407 for a customized delivery schedule.

5.  Do you recommend making reservations?

Yes, reserving your rental vehicle is always a good idea. A reservation guarantees the number of bikes you want on the particular day that you want. Be sure to make all considerations before making a reservation because all reservations are at a NO CANCELLATION. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR CANCELLED RESERVATIONS OR EARLY RETURNS.

6.  How do I make a reservation?

You must use our online reservation form by clicking on the Book Online link.

7.  Can I return my rental early?

Yes, you may return the rentals at an earlier time or date however; no refunds are given for early returns.

8.  What if something happens and I cannot make it to my scooter rental reservation?

Unfortunately, we DO NOT provide refunds. We collect payment for the total cost of the reservation at the time of your booking and no refunds will be given under any circumstances; i.e. bad weather, missed flight, lost wallet/license. Please make sure you have made all considerations and have no conflicts with your moped rental before placing your reservation.

9.  Do you require a deposit?

No deposit is required, however, a credit card is held on file. The Credit Card on File will be charged accordingly if any damages are incurred during the rental period.

10.  Do you sell additional insurance?

No. Kauai Mopeds does not sell insurance. The renter is responsible for the vehicle during the rental period. The credit card on file will be charged if any damages are incurred to the vehicle during the rental period,.

11.  Do you rent mopeds by the hour?

No, we do NOT have hourly rentals.

12.  Where can I take the mopeds and scooters?

You can go on any of the paved roads on the island. There are no freeways on Kauai so there are no roads to avoid.

13.  Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes. Helmets are included and free with the rental and must be worn at all times. Hawaii is a no-helmet state; however, helmets are mandatory with each Kauai Mopeds rental.

14.  Do the mopeds/scooters/motorcycles come with locks?

Yes. Locks are provided with each rental vehicle.

15.  Do you provide maps?

No physical maps are provided but if you check: “Places to Ride” on our website: we have designed an integrated map system that you can use with your smart phone to get live directions to the next riding destination from wherever you are at on the island.

16.  Can I wear flip flops?

There are no mandatory or required footwear for riding mopeds. We do suggest however, that closed toed shoes are worn for your rental.

Kauai Moped Testominals

“Absolutely better than any shuttle or tour that you can find and the best $75 spent on the island!”

(Mark Villasenor, Kirstan Villasenor, Kim Gides; Los Angeles, CA)


Scooter? Moped? What’s the difference?

Mopeds are commonly referred to as scooters.  However, these two  vehicles are classified and regulated very differently.  There are four main differences between a moped and scooter:  classification, requirements, vehicle speed, and carrying capacity.

About Us

When people first see our two-wheeled rentals, they commonly refer to both type of vehicles as “scooters.”  One being just a little larger than the other.  However, they are entirely different.  Mopeds are 49cc vehicles and one only person is allowed on the moped.  You only need a valid drivers license and be at least 18 years old to operate.  So the thing you see everyone  zipping around on is most likely a moped, not a scooter.  A scooter is entirely different, they are classified as a motorcycle and you may seat two people.  A motorcycle license is required and you must be at least 21 years old to rent a scooter.