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*Rates are applied to reservations and need to be confirmed by a Kauai Mopeds rental associate. 

Free Delivery and Pick up of the rental vehicle(s) is included by fulfilling the minimum rental requirement. The minimum rental requirement for each vehicle is as follows:

Moped:   1 moped rental for 48 hours; OR 2 (or more) mopeds for 24 hours. Approximate cost:  $130.00  + tax

Scooter:   1 scooter for 48 hours; OR 2 rentals for 24 hours. Approximate cost:  $135.00 + tax

Motorcycle:   1 motorcycle for 24 hours. Approximate cost:  $150.00 + tax


Kauai Moped Testominals

“Absolutely better than any shuttle or tour that you can find and the best $75 spent on the island!”

(Mark Villasenor, Kirstan Villasenor, Kim Gides; Los Angeles, CA)


Scooter? Moped? What’s the difference?

Mopeds are commonly referred to as scooters.  However, these two  vehicles are classified and regulated very differently.  There are four main differences between a moped and scooter:  classification, requirements, vehicle speed, and carrying capacity.

About Us

When people first see our two-wheeled rentals, they commonly refer to both type of vehicles as “scooters.”  One being just a little larger than the other.  However, they are entirely different.  Mopeds are 49cc vehicles and one only person is allowed on the moped.  You only need a valid drivers license and be at least 18 years old to operate.  So the thing you see everyone  zipping around on is most likely a moped, not a scooter.  A scooter is entirely different, they are classified as a motorcycle and you may seat two people.  A motorcycle license is required and you must be at least 21 years old to rent a scooter.